Why choose squarefoot


One of India's oldest flooring company incorporated since 1995 with more than 80 million sqft installed!


We understand the extent of finishing required in a site and our people are trained to think and do the work ensuring a good finishing and high standards.


Knowledge and experience which comes from specialization in the product category in question; we understand wood related products and flooring only and therefore are able to take any query related to product, installation and service as our organization works on this 24/7.

Full commitment of local people

Immediate service from local people from our local office – no waiting for installers or supervisors to come from any other capital city.

Delivery period

Flooring is a critical area of every premise. We understand the importance of installing flooring on time; therefore we plan so well that your area can start operating as per your schedule and not as per your supplier's schedule.


We can customize and make to order with any wood, thickness, specification, surfaces (lacquer, oil, and matt lacquer), finish, and dimension.


We provide all solutions to go with your rooms – profiles in rubber, vinyl, wood, laminate and metal – all to help you achieve the finish that you are seeking.

Maintenance guidance

In case of commercial projects, we provide hands on training to respective department e.g. hotel maintenance department after we finish the site so that cleaning and maintenance for the floors meets the hotels high standard.

Cleaning solutions

In case of commercial projects, we can undertake an AMC to clean the floors twice a year if requested with specialized products which will remove surface dirt and stains and give the floor a new look.

Green Solutions

Floorings (FSC certified available) and lacquers produced in a non harmful way for all certification and LEED requirements.

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